Candy Pink Secret crafts!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

I've opened my eyes to the joys of spray paint and how great they are in crafting projects, it's almost as fun to pick a spray can colour as it is to pick out a eyeshadow or lipstick but maybe a little less colour choice.

I settled on a baby sized can of what's called 'HOT PINK'
but I sure hope it comes out a 'sweet pink'

I have a sweet lil' idea in mind of how to put this to good use and if things go well I'll film and upload it aswell as doing a picture tutorial for here too!

If you're intrigued I'll give you a clue it involves plastic candy jars, masking tape and of course the most exciting part the spray paint!

If it's a craft-tastrophe... well I'll probably blog about tha too! haha


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